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on 17 April 2009

I hope everyone had a great spring break. Here is a little homework/
classwork assignment to get the brain jumpstarted. Right now I'm
standing at 35.453 N latitude and 83.805 W longitude. Where am I?
What are the pros (good things) and cons (bad things) about these
structures? Leave your response in the comments section. For extra
credit: The TVA, which owns this land was in the news about 4 months
ago. Why?

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Anonymous said...

you are on the appilacian trail.

Anonymous said...

according to google maps you are floating in the water just north of Fontana Dam... Either you are wet right now or your GPS is only accurate to approximately 30 ft. In that case you may be standing right on the dam. given this post was put up on the 17th, and today is the 20th, I would say you are approximately 35 miles up the trail from here with 2 and a half days of food left, sore knees, a scruffy beard, and stinky feet. How close am I?

Miss Coffey said...

Hi Mr. DeVoe, it's Miss Coffey's class! We figured out where you are in this post: Fontana Dam! Here's our list of pros and cons:

-makes it easier to get water -Austin
-keeps water back so people can live -Xander
-builds up water to have more water when people need it -Evan
-easier to catch food (fish) -Cody
-it's an attraction! -Andrew
-fish are in a calm place -Sophie
-without the flow of water, it cuts back on erosion -Celia
-the deeper the water, the BIGGER the fish get -Austin
-people can go swimming! -Tristan

-if the dam breaks, the water will flood -Ben
-also if it breaks the concrete could kill people -Evan
-also if it break there could be too much erosion all at once -Celia
-the blocked water prevents other plant life from having water -Ethan
-the water could overflow out of the dam -Sophie and Ruth
-it stops fish from getting food -Cody

We hope you do well and that you get back soon! Please come back and tell us all about it when you're done!

Ben said...

Hi this is Ben from Miss Coffey's class. Last night I spent some time looking up the answer to the extra credit and I found out that it was the giant coal ash spill and fish were killed and homes were damaged (one was ripped off of it's foundation). Here's a video I found:

Anonymous said...

dear mr.devoe,i really think its cool wut u r doing. Do u like wut u r doing? i think it was scary when the bears got in your things.It must be really fun.Keep up the good work! we miss u.

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