on 04 April 2009

Just arrived in philly after a very bumpy ride from Ithaca. I almost
got sick. So this is what the updates will tyically look like. I'll
try to post and respond to comments as often as possible. Please
remember not to post your last names. See you on the trail tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

This is Emily R. 5th grade,

I think it would be so cool camping out every night.Have you met any wildlife yet? Get some videos of wildlife. Your pics are so cool1!!!!!!!

Good luck Mr DeVoe

Anonymous said...

good luck

Anonymous said...

I heard you almost got sick on the way down to Philly. How is it down there? Is it cold down there? Have you walked 15 miles each day ? From,
Katelyn, Jaedyn

Anonymous said...

Mr. DeVoe....

You have so far (along with the persuading video we wacthed) to learn more about the AT and possibly hike some or all of it when I get older. Thanks:)

-someone in 5th per.

Anonymous said...

All of us in class really miss you. Mr. Rafferty is going great though. He jokes around with us, but teaches us at the same time. Good choice:)

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