on 13 April 2009

This is tonight's shelter. Looks like a picture out of a storybook
right? Low of 40 tonight. Brrr


Anonymous said...

We are having warm weather here.We are having a good spring break.

Joe Urda said...

Hi Chad,

On Sunday we took a trip to Amacalola Falls. Talked with the ranger and I saw the log book. If I remember, you were 515th on the trail this year. We hiked the trail to the top of falls and came down the stairs. I need to take up exercising again.

How about if you took a Lat & Lon reading to start out your evening report. Sure would be nice to plot you on the map.

Take care and watch the weather. Lots of damage here in Atlanta.

Ciao for now.


Anonymous said...

it does!


nice pic!:)

Anonymous said...

oh my god it looks scary with the fog and the trees....and...Good luck with that =D Hahaha

Ms. B. said...

What a beautiful picture! Hope you slept just as beautifully. Are more 'blue tents' apt to happen? People just decide to go out and make other people's day? That is soooooooooo cool.
We're having 40's and 50's for those of us who didn't go away. As usual, the only walking I'm doing is with Benny by my side.

We'll have to talk sometime about watersheds. I thought that at some point in my drive to school that the rain I see doesn't go to Cayuga Lake... I remember a few years ago when flooding was happening that I was so happy when I hit he peak of 34B and the water I was seeing wasn't going to Cayuga.

Hope your spirits are high and all is well.

Anonymous said...

any geochaching yet?

Anonymous said...

How are your feet holding up?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Devoe, I hope you didn't freeze to death. We still miss you here at Groton and my cousin told me she almost cried when you left. She also told me to tell you hi. So Hi from Brittany R.
- Sam R.

Julie said...

Hey Chad: Just saw your Twitter - hope you and your knees are ok. Paul (Mr. Wiech) is up in the ADKs going for 5 solo peaks. He made 2 today already (Nye & Street). Wishing you a warm restful night. julie

Miss Coffey said...

I'm REALLY glad you gave in and got poles... I knew they'd help!

Pauline said...

Hello, Mr. DeVoe -- It's not just your students and colleagues cheering you on... I heard about your trip in an early morning WHCU news story, and I've been following your blog since the start, enjoying the trip vicariously. Be well, be warm -- and may there be many instances of trail magic along your walk!

Pauline (Ithaca)

Anonymous said...

are you going to be able to make it? I am worried about your knees

Anonymous said...

Thats cold.happy hikeing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt and Keller here. that looks haunted and scary.

Anonymous said...

WOW. Is that the cabin you slept at.

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