A new start

on 18 April 2009

I had a nice restful "zero day" at Fontana Village yesterday. I got
laundry done, resupplied, and had a great dinner with Mak and her dad
(fellow hikers I've been hiking with on a similar schedule since the
start) and her dad paid for mine. It was very nice of him. They are
great people from New Hampshire. Mak just graduated from med school.

Today was a pretty typical day. I got up at 7 and was hiking by 7:30.
I covered 15 miles today, stopping every once in awhile for a drink or
snack. I got to a shelter at 4:30 and I'm making dinner right now. I'm
using a small, but lightweight and efficient stove that my friend Alex
gave me made of soda cans that burns denatured alcohol. It gets the
job done. On tonight's menu: pasta primavera. Today I only consumed
about 2500 calories; far less than I should be.


Miss Coffey said...

can you tell us... how do you know about how many calories you consumed today? are you keeping track of everything you eat and counting all of the calories? do you write it down somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chad,

Eileen and I are back home. We did spend some time in the Smokies. Unbelievable. We were close to you but no luck making contact. Andrews, NC is not far from the Fontana Dam. Also spent some time in Waynesville and Dillsboro. Great towns with nice shops.

Take care and keep safe. Watch your health.


Anonymous said...

hi this is matt.what is that do you boil water in that

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