Smokies Recap

on 22 April 2009

Hi Everyone...

Just a short recap from the Smokies. I ended up hiking the 68 miles of the Smokies in only 4 days. Most people take 5-6 and I am paying for it. It rained (or snowed) for 3 of the 4 days. The constant hiking in soaked feet, slopping around in the mud has saturated my feet and caused several blisters (one in between my big and second toe). Not fun! I stayed last night at Standing Bear Farm/Hostel and plan to only put in about 7 miles later today. The Smokies were nice though. A lot of it reminded me of the Northeast forests with lots of red pine, balsam fir, and yellow birch. A lot of the trail followed ridgelines where the trail was about 8 feet wide with 50-100M vertical drops on each side. I had approximately 30 M visibility at Clingman's Dome though which was disappointing because that is the highest point on the whole AT. Beside the rain, the other bad aspect was that because of bear activity everyone HAD to sleep in a shelter. We were often crammed in, sleeping right next to complete strangers. The last night I slept next to the loudest snorer I've ever heard. It sounded like there was a dying cat in there the whole night and I only got about 4 hrs of sleep. Hope all is well with everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hito Skoob and Mr. DeVoe from Mrs. Benson's class. We have some questions for you. Did you talk to the loud snorer in the morning? Did the snorer wake up Skoob too? Are your blisters any better now? We are wondering have you seen any rabbits and raccons? Are you getting sick of eating the same food?

We hope you sleep better tonight!

Anonymous said...

stacked in the shelters like cord wood, eh?

Anonymous said...


Amanda & Adam said...

Hey Chad! Glad to see you are still going strong... but don't over do it! We want you to still have feet when you get back!!! Let us (or Court) know if there is anything you want/need/are craving so we can start preparing a package for you for maybe your next stop after the 30th!
Be Safe!
-Amanda and Adam

Ms. B. said...

Welcome to my world....although my husband says I snore too!

Anonymous said...

We know how you feel, some of us have parents who snore! We feel sorry for your blisters, they must really hurt when you walk. Some of us wonder why you don't just take another break to let your feet heal and your shoes dry and get more sleep.

Keep enjoying yourself. Keep safe. And say hi to Skoob for us.

Mrs. Nettleton's class

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping track of you every couple of days, and you consistently come up in our conversations here at school, and at home. What you are experiencing looks so interesting, however, I can't say that the blisters, hiking in snow and rain, and the snorer, sound all that interesting. We are all excited about where you are and who you are meeting. Enjoy yourself. The kids say "hello." The weather's becoming great here, and hope to do some camping soon.
Take care, Steph.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you saw a real bear!

From, H.E.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.DeVeo. What up????!!! Man if saw a real snake I would probally faint. Once I was at a friends house and we were outside dancing and I almost stepped on one..... YIKES!!!!! How's the trail going??? Guess what Groton Elementary just sent out 7 POUNDS of food..... That's a lot.
Just to let you know I brought in ramen noodles for you. So you can reward me when you get back! JK JK JK JK!!!!!

See ya,
Emily Hess

Anonymous said...

Waz up Mr DeVoe,
It is Deni again,I can't beleive that you saw a snake.My best friend doesn't like snakes.When you saw the snake did you jump? Hows your trip so far?Should I bring in dog food for the dog?I have two dogs and I bet that I can sneak some food from my dogs.My friend Emma is a expert on birds.Can you take more pictures of the Birds and the CUTE dogs.
P.S I like some snakes NOT all

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.DeVeo. Hows a going on that long trail your walking.We sent you 7 pounds of food and there is more coming! We are doing anouncments about you and everything you are seeing. Like Mr.D told Taryn and me to do the anoucments about the birds your seeing. Tell me about the snake. Were you scared? Keep me posted! Talk to you later. Bye Sincerely,
Emma R.

Anonymous said...

Dear Skoob what do you see on the trail?


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