on 07 April 2009

Hi everyone! Sorry...I thought I posted the previous entry while on
top of Springer. The black flies were so bad I must have turned off
the phone too quick. Thank you all for the great comments. They made
me smile because I miss everyone...especially my 7th graders. I wish
I could write back to everyone individually but I'll try to answer all
of the questions here.

Yesterday was crazy. I hiked 17 miles to unsuccessfully get a spot
overnight in a hostel. So instead I slept in my tent while it was 28
degrees and snowing. It was a rough night but I managed. Today it
snowed all day too. This picture was taken atop Blood Mtn, the highest
mtn in Georgia on the AT (4450ft). Groton is 1000ft above sea level.
It's called Blood Mtn because of a battle between the Creek and
Cherokee tribes that left many dead and wounded. So today I arrived
at Neels Gap 1 day ahead of schedule and have officially done 30.7
miles. This is the point where 20% of thru-hikers drop out. I'll try
to give another update tomorrow with better weather.


Cassie C. said...

I am sorry that the weather is bad:(
Hope it gets better

nicole8 said...

I'm sorry about your rough night Mr. Devoe. I hope it gets sunny and warm soon. I miss you a lot. Mr. Raferty is a pretty nice guy but we all MISS you soooooo much. I wish you the best and I will talk to you later. Have fun and dont get attacked by Hillbillies. Haha. I miss you!!! :)
~Nicole H.

Anonymous said...

Keep you head up man!! You are in that 80%. We are sending food after spring brak! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chad it´s your cousin Scott. What a surprise, I know. The Appalachian Teacher that is really awesome. My mom told me about what you were doing and gave me your website. I am actually writting this from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This means your project has gone international my friend haha. My fiance and I are looking at everything you have on the website. This is truely amazing. Take care of yourself out there in the wild!!!!

Anonymous said...

are you still going to be at the post office drops on time?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Devoe,
We are sorry that the weather was so bad for you. Is it tiring walking? The snow on the mountain looks pretty, but is it really deep? We got some snow too, but not so much. We really enjoyed seeing your postings and reading about your trip so far. Have fun and take care of yourself. Those of us who were in Helping Hands with you, miss you. Mrs. Baughman's 1st/2nd period class. Ashley Cortright,destynie walrad,kelly foster,Joshua Cortright,kyle Short, Dan Vanatta, Keihgtly Miller,Lynzee Hoffman, Katelynn Andrews

Anonymous said...

I hope the weather gets better for you:).Keep your head up and keep going.


Anonymous said...

Hi its Brooke you knok my sister Savanah hope you are having fun

your friend

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Devoe,
I hope you are having fun.
I hope the weather gets better.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a good trip. I hope tho weather
gets better for you.

Anonymous said...

hang in there hope the wether gets better your rabbit Roy is doing good and he misses you I hope you will finish the trail.

Dylan C dylon E

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Devoe we are sorry about the weather and your rough night yesterday it would be cool to see more of your pictures and hear from skoob.


Dana said...

Hey! What about your former 7th graders. You don't miss us?? T-T AWWWWWW!!!!!! Oh well. We miss you Mr. Devoe! :D


P.S. I showed my mom the Pepper Spray thing. She laughed.

Anonymous said...

So, you miss your seventh graders, but what about your seventh graders from last year? jk Hope you're doing okay Mr. Devoe. We miss you at Groton and expect a letter from me.
- Sam R.
(former 7th grader)

Anonymous said...

Dear Skoob,
I hope you are being good and are sorting Mr.Devoe's pack like you said you would.
Please write back soon.

kyle said...

is it cood in the mts

kyle said...

did you ment eney one

amber said...

It looks like it is very cold on the trail. I hope it gets better while you are walking.

Anonymous said...

HI. Sorry the wether was bad that you didn't get the hostel. That is cold. Were you cold? I hop the wether get's beter.P.S. hope you have fun.


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