on 23 April 2009

The cool thing about the AT is that anyone can do it. There are a lot
of people in their 20s and 30s but also a lot of retired couples,
women in their 50s hiking alone, a 6 year old did it once as well as a
blind man and I ran into an 86 year old trying to redo his own record
as the oldest person ever to hike the whole thing.

This is "Kea", one of the guys I've been hiking with. He is from New
Zealand. He's pretty interesting. He doesn't own a house or a car or
many posesions at all. He just saves up money and hikes around the
world. He told me stories about hiking in Spain, Russia, Tibet, etc.
I've been helping him with our birds and trees that we meet. He's been
telling me about all of the cool birds in NZ, an island with only 2
species of bats as their sole native mammal. As a result many of their
birds lost the ability to fly because it wasn't needed to escape
predators. However, since humans arrived and brought cats, rats,
possums and stuff like that many birds have become extinct or
endangered. However, as Kea put it, NZ is still " an island of birds,


~Jen said...

Wow... that's pretty cool... Tell him I said "hi"

~Jen said...

hey... if if a bunch of friends and I sent you a package... what would u want? Cause we don't know what to send. Food? socks? Blister treatment? what would you want?

Anonymous said...

86 Thats old

Anonymous said...

Do you see rats

Anonymous said...

Mr. Devoe, I know it has been a while since i posted, heck, or even just checked where you were, but hey, i have been busy trying to keep my head in my school work and not on all the crap that is going on here. It is great that you are meeting new people, and really cool that you are advancing that much. Well, i will try and send a care package for you... if i have the time. I am going to go watch the movie "Earth" that came out April 22nd, i am excited to see it. My science night project is far from being done, but i am working hard on it. Well, i will try to post again soon. Have a great time hiking!


Jason said...

Sounds like a cool guy!

McKayla Pollack (7th grade) said...

hey mr. devoe he sounds like a pretty cool guy. I have to say mr. raferti is a pretty good teacher.(not as good as you though)i miss having you as a teacher. So i hope you will be able to be at the end of the trail by the time school starts. time around here has been going fast. can you believe it is almost may. well im glad your meating new people. ill try to keep up with all of the AT info.

P.S. I see your hairs getting longer.(sweet) I talk to u later mr. devoe

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