Groton Elementary

on 02 April 2009

Wow, what a great day at Groton Elementary School. Today I introduced the hike to students in grades K-5 and I gotta tell you...they were SO well behaved and asked a lot of great questions. Patrick, a kindergardener, even wanted to know what my doctor thought of me hiking 2,000 miles. Great question. A lot of other questions centered around food. Mr. D's classes are assembling a care package for us! I know they've left a lot of comments about what they should send. I say whatever is light, tastes good, and can be shipped through the mail! However, the book, "The Ultralight Backpacker" uses a great analogy at what should be make sure you check those nutrition labels:

"Fat is something like money stored in a jar and buried in the backyard. Your body stores it in case unexpected circumstances arise and it desperately needs to fuel it's ongoing activity.

Protein is like a regular savings account. Muscle and body tissue are provided by your body converting protein, but it's not the primary source of energy. Sometimes, if there's too much protein, your body can afford to store the protein as fat (like adding to the buried jar).

Carbohydrates are your checking account - the stuff you use every day in producing the energy you need for daily activities."

Thanks everyone for being such a great audience and thank you teachers for spending class time today on this. We have such a great school with amazing teachers and curious students. Thanks for making my time at GES special. Well...I should go see if Skoob is finished packing my backpack for tomorrow.


Jason said...

Haha I like the analogies!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming to our school. We hope you have fun. Good luck. We'll be following you on the computer. Mrs. Grieger's class

Mr. DeVoe said...

Hi Mrs. Grieger's class! Thank you for being such a polite audience. You had so many great questions. I wish I had more time to answer them. Good luck with the rest of the school year.

Anonymous said...

Good luck have fun. I know that you will have a lot of fun! how will the dog climb the mountains?Won't it hurt your legs? well again have lots of fun and excercize!
your friend
Arrion 5th

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Emily 5th grade,
hope you can get some pictures of bears and wild life because it would be sooooo exiting and cool

p.s. bears are soooooooooo CUTE

Anonymous said...

hey this is Emily 5th grade,

thank you so much for comming to our school I really enjoyed your visit and I learned alot

p.s. nice picture

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Devoe
Hey what up hope you are have fun. Have you seen any wild life? Have you been attacted by a bear or a sake?

Sent more comment,

Anonymous said...

Did you get scared in front of all those people? Did you have fun listening to all the questions?

Anonymous said...

Hey! My name is Jonathan. It was very cool what you told the forth graders in the cafateria. I think that this journey will be rough at times, but I beleive you will be just fine. I told my parents about your adventure. They thought it was cool. Gotta go, by!

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