on 24 April 2009

Hi Everyone,

After about 270 miles and averaging a little over 13 miles a day, I am now in Hot Springs, NC at the library and wanted to answer some of the great questions you guys have been asking. First the bear...around midnight some of us in the shelter (there were about 12 total sleeping at the time) heard a couple bears come through camp. I saw the silhouette of a baby black bear. Mom was over ripping apart my bear canister at that point. After about 15 minutes she gave up on the canister and tried ripping down the cables that held the other hikers' food up. Luckily no one lost their food and the 2 bears left. Skoob didn't hear the bears and I'm glad because I'm sure he would have freaked out. I'm learning he's pretty shy!

I've been eating a lot of healthy dinners but I have to admit, I've been eating A LOT of junk food! But I guess it's ok because I'm burning around 5,000 calories a day. I am hungry pretty much all of the time! I think about food when I hike, I get constant cravings for real food, and sometimes when I am close to towns my legs get a mind of their own and move me quicker in hopes of reaching a restaurant. Some people have asked if they can send stuff. First of all, don't feel like you have to BUT I eat a lot of things like Candy bars, combos, Oatmeal Pies, trail mix, dried fruit, etc.

Despite the blisters and sore knees, everything is fine. Even the blisters have gotten better. I don't think anyone can walk from Georgia to Maine without some discomfort.

It's very nice to see all of the wonderful comments and I'm so happy to see that the elementary classes are following along. I try my hardest to post as much as I can because I know everyone is following along. I miss you all!

-Mr. DeVoe

ps. This isn't a bear I saw. I stole the image from the internet.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. DeVoe,

I hope you have pleasant weather and good hiking while you are in Tennessee. I grew up near Cumberland Gap. Reading your daily accounts of your experiences and the people you are meeting is quite interesting. All the best to you. Rena Janke

Rena Janke

Anonymous said...

Hot springs feel so good.I often would go to them in New Mexico. ps I am moving back there soon and i can't wait to go back.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Devoe hello what is the trail like and we hope the bears don't get the food.

love katie.b and zoe.k

Anonymous said...

did the momma bear cut down the rope and eat the food? were everybody awake when the bears where there?

Anonymous said...

Find my way back to Tennesse. Hope you don't find any more bears!

Anonymous said...

Was it scary when you heard the bear? Have you seen any racoons?

Alyssa W. 1st Grade

Anonymous said...

Mr.Devoe,it's good that your burning 5,000 caleries.

Anonymous said...

Was it scary ?

Anonymous said...

Dear,Mr.Devoe I hope you don't run into another bear.Was Skoob supriesed when he heard that a bear was at the camp?

Anonymous said...

RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from cody

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