on 24 April 2009

This was the view from my tent last night. I kept my rain fly half off
because the nights are getting warmer I watched the sunset from the
forested mountainside and slipped into a deep sleep around 8pm. Kevin
and Lucy are meeting up with me tomorrow after a couple "real world"


Anonymous said...

it is supposed to be in the 80's on Saturday here!
we all miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey man, hope thing are good! Groton Elementary is sending out food this Wednesday, where should I send in, what else do you need? Keep up the good work, it looks like an amazing experience, Johnny

Ms. B. said...

What a beautiful view!

I love sleeping in a tent....preferably in a backyard where there is coffee in the morning and civilized bathrooms....although you are sure making me want to walk in my retirement! Hope the walking is going as wonderfully as the view.

Can't wait to meet the dog....I'll show Benny when he comes on board!

Chuck, in showing his parents your blog, realized that the trail goes right through one of Dalton's streets...where he grew up. If you're ready for a bed by Massachusetts we'd be willing to pick you up and have you at the parents....of course, getting you to the trail again in the morning!

Mr. DeVoe said...

Mr D. You could send it to either the Dennis Cove or Damascus address on the right. That should give it enough time. Thanks. Is this from your class?

Anonymous said...

hi where are you gonna meet up with him? are you with him today?

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