on 17 June 2009

Yesterday the AT went through a tunnel that was constructed to avoid a
dangerous road crossing. The fact that this trail extends non-stop
through the Eastern US is truly amazing. Thousands of people have
spent thousands of hours building and maintaining this 2,175 mile long
trail. Funding for projects like this tunnel come from Appalachian
Trail Conservancy memberships, donations, and grants.


Miss Coffey said...

Hi Mr. DeVoe! It's Miss Coffey's class. We have 6 days of school left! Here are some individual messages:
"I hope you have a good time on the Appalachian Trail!" -Grace
"Keep up the good hiking!" -Ruth
"Just hiking, just keep hiking, what d we do we hike hike hike! (From the tune from Finding Nemo)" -Ben
"You've done a really great job!" -Sophia
"You only have 2.5 million more steps left!" -Sophie
"Good luck!" -Ethan

Anonymous said...

It's nice to be nice to your girlfriend, but if I were you I'd pick Fuge Brownie or chocolate. Hey today we made hemp anclets/braclets. Oh ya! Bbbuuurrrrnnnnn!!! OH, and speeking of ice cream we MADE ive cream today!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.DeVoe how are you? Hope your doing good Cuze I know I am. Why, because we have done a lot of FUN stuff like making home made icecream I made mine vinalla. It was DELICUS. We also made hemp braclets, I made mine an anklet with light blue and light green beads. We also tie-died t-shirts. Next were going to make bollone animals, and finger puppets. OMG it's almost the end of the year I can't wate because I get to go to the middle school. Ok Blog to us later g2g got to go. Sinceraly, Alyssa

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