Still Truckin'

on 29 June 2009

We're about 1/2 way through NY. We crossed the Hudson River last night
in the dark. We've had to put in big miles to make sure we join up
with the Groton Boy Scouts tonight at dinnertime. For the past 15
miles or so we've heard loud booms off in the distance and today I
figured it must be bombs and gun shots from West Point. I would
probably get sick of it if I lived around here.


Ms. B. said...

You sure are looking hairy....luckily you're there and I'm here, because with my brain you would then be hearing me sing from the musical Hair....and that would sound worse than the booms!
Enjoy having new walkers.

Amanda said...

Just a heads up for you: Look for a package at the Cheshire Post Office on ~July 8th!!! =) And another heads up, most post offices close at noon on Friday, July 3rd due to the holiday!!! =)

Hi Courtney!


jfilzen said...

The explosions you heard were probably part of West Point's "war games." It is a training session for cadets. They do these all year, but especially in the summer. I heard them when I attended Cornwall HS. On another note-How beautiful is the Hudson Valley?! ...a lot of history along that river.

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