It's business time

on 04 June 2009

Several people have asked about going to the bathroom in the woods.
It's a good question actually. This is a picture of a privy that every
shelter has. They are much like the outhouses that houses used to have
before indoor plumbing. If you're lucky, they even have doors!
Because the human intestines have millions of bacteria to digest food
it is very important that human waste is burried at least 150ft from a
water source so things like E.coli aren't consumed by people drinking
the water. This is part of the "leave no trace" ethics that the Groton
boy scouts are learning about. So what do you think? Do you
appreciate you bathroom at home now?


Paul Wiech said...

I think I like your view much better than mine. I would be a little scared if a bear ambled up!

jfilzen said...

...Mr. Filzen's 9th period class says "Thanks for the picture of the toes and the privy!!!" That made our day...

Ms. B. said...

Well, and that bathroom is probably appreciated by walkers when the other choice is digging a hole yourself, right?

My one bout of wilderness camping (on my honeymoon in Montana) certainly made me welcome the outhouse that was at the cabin we then stayed at!

Julie said...

Ah, a room with a view!

Mr. Toyama said...

Nice title for this post. Ha Ha.

dennis said...

sure beats leaning up against a tree

Anonymous said...

THATS JUST GROSS!!!!!!!Wouldn't you like some privasy?I would.

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