on 02 June 2009

Today we crossed the 900 mile mark and are creeping closer to the 1/2
way point on the AT. For the past 4 days we've done over 20 miles a
day. The terrain is a lot easier but the feet still get tender by the
end of the day. Yesterday we were on the trail at 8am and hiked until
sunset. My feet are in good shape but my baby toenails are ready to
fall off. They've been dead since week 2.


Anonymous said...

EWWWWWWW, Why post a picture?

Miss Coffey said...

let the grossed-out comments pour in!

Mom and Dad said...

Chad - nice looking toes. You might need reconstructive surgery on them. Hope your new shoes are fitting better than the other ones.

Anonymous said...

Mr. DeVoe,

As the sister of a professional dancer and the wife of an obsessive runner I have to tell you....its all about the feet!

The Librarian

jfilzen said...

...yo! Chad...easy does it with the toe pics...


Ms. B. said...

Well, for once Mr. Filzen and I are in agreement: toe pics?!?!?!?

(Thanks for stopping by on 303's blog. It's appreciated.)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Devoe that's grosssss!!!!!!! We do not all need to be seeing that! And I thought the frog disection was grosss!!! :/

P.S. Keep up the good work, and keep going! :}


Anonymous said...

Mr. Devoe, did your toes hurt a lot before they died, or did you just all of a sudden realize that they were dead?

Mr. DeVoe said...

They didn't hurt too much. It was more of a gradual thing. My shoes were about a 1/2 size too small at the start.

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