on 20 June 2009

Yesterday afternoon Kevin saw a rattlesnake. PA is the best state for
sighting these things. He described the snake as "not very long but
very thick". It was coiled up and it rattled as he got closer. The
rattle was like "the sound of Tic-Tacs being shaken". Honestly, I'm ok
if I don't see one.


Ms. B. said...

I always knew you were a smart man.

Anonymous said...

opening day of bass season and we caught 6 bluegills. no fish fry today though. We hooked into a tiger musky and it snapped the line with its teeth....YIKES

Anonymous said...

hi mr.deVoe
I am really happy that there is not any rattlesnake in Groton or I would not live in this town at all.Hope you are are having a fun time on the Appalachian Trail

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