Food and Family

on 23 June 2009

Tonight my 2nd cousin, Barb, met up with us in Delaware Water Gap, PA
and took us out to dinner. It was nice seeing her again and food other
than granola bars and honey buns is always a special treat.

Someone mentioned I should try out for a Geico caveman commercial.
Yesterday we got a ride to a store from an elementary teacher down
here and he seemed VERY surprised when I told him I was a teacher as
well. What?? Teachers in PA don't look like this?? So tomorrow we
enter state #8, New Jersey. Have a great summer Groton students and
make sure you check the blog all summer!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chad,
Mike drove right by the entrance for the AT in Delaware Gap today. Congrats on entering your 8th state tomorrow!! That is quite the accomplishment! Hope you, Kevin and Lucy are doing well. You guys are in my thoughts and I think it is amazing that you have gone so far and are still moving forward!
Take Care,

jfilzen said...

...after all the rain, then the humidity... Did your 2nd cousin have to hold her breath for that photo?!!!

Mr. DeVoe's parents said...

Hey guys - great picture!! Barb, thank-you so much for providing respite for these trekkers and enabling them to get a good meal, as they are far and few between. We are doing likewise in about a week. They don't look too thin, do they? Chad and Kevin, congrats on the 8th state and talk to you soon!

Phollower said...

I'm really enjoying your blog. I'm reading another thru-hiker's blog as well and it sounds like you're about a week ahead of him. He goes by the trailname "Monkeywrench". Perhaps you've bumped into him. He was off the trail for about 10 days when his grandson was born so you were probably pretty close to each other before that. Keep putting one foot in front of the other!

Anonymous said...

I bet barb throught you were stinky

tyler t said...

isee thatthescouts are not the only onses seing ou on the trail
from tyler
p see you on snday and monday or even tusday of thi comingweek

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