New Jersey

on 25 June 2009

Yesterday morning Kevin got picked by his mom at Delaware Water Gap to
take care of some things at home and he already did the NJ section in
high school. He took everything in my pack but food and water and I
"slackpacked" 41 miles to High Point State Park where Kevin and his
mom picked me up. I hiked from 5:30am until 7:15pm. My legs are like
machines right now but i definitely maxed out. It's weird to think
that I will never walk that far in one day again for the rest of my

I saw 3 bears and 4 deer yesterday. After 26 miles I came across a
deli so I decided to get a sandwich and a couple Gatorades. Ok, I also
got ice cream, candy, and some chips. I walked in and pluged my phone
in on my way to the counter and waited for the owner to finish up
filling to cooler with juice. He finished and walked around to serve
me. The first thing he said was "I unplugged your phone, I can't allow
that. So what can I get you"? If I had more willpower I would have
said "nothing, I think I'm all set" and walked out. In
hindsight I should have offered him the 3 cents to charge my phone for
a half hour just for the entertainment of his reply. The funny thing
is that at the beginning of the trip I used to ask people if they
minded if I plugged in my phone while I ate at a diner or deli but I
usually got a look like "of course you can, why bother asking"?
Anyway, this was my first experience ever with someone in NJ. I've
only driven through the state. Right now I'm staying at Kevin's
parents house - where people are a little more human. They're great
people and have a cool post/beam house in a really nice part of the
state. We're taking a "zero" day and my feet appreciate it after
yesterday. Tomorrow we're shooting to finish the state and enter good
ol' New York.


Anonymous said...

hey mr.deVoe,
how scary is it to be that close to that big black bear.Hope you are having a great time with Kevin and Skoob.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! 41 Miles in a day! What an adventure! The kids of Groton are out of school but still keeping track of your adventure.

Ms. B. said...

As my last 'duty' yesterday, I almost logged on to you but it was danged hot and I was already 2 hours past sign out that I decided my idea wasn't worth it.
I have a good share of your old room in mine-the cabinet, the shelves (made new) and many of your stools.
So, if you ever, haha, miss your old room, you can come visit 303.
Looking forward to more of your adventures, and better times with humans (what a bear he was!!)...but from home (yes!).

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Ive been to the Delaware water gap! It's close to where I used to live (warren county), and we used to see black bears outside of our school! It reminds me of all the ghost stories of the Delaware river...some of the bridges are creepy I'm getting way off always. anyway I hope your having a great time!
~Hannah Grazul

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