My GPS Position

on 17 June 2009

This is Stony Mtn. I can hear hammering from the coal mine on the other side of the mountain. Is it visable on Google Earth?

This is My Current GPS Position:
Latitude: 40.451467
Longitude: -76.735146
Google Maps link

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Pete said...

We can't see the mine in Google Earth.. but it must be close to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, its Skip. It is a really cool picture with google earth from that lat/long with the defined ridges and valleys where you are now. There is a black image of sorts which could be the mine close to where you are. I was wondering what will be the point from the trail that you are closet to Groton? Will it be once you are in NY or still in PA? You look to be due south right now. Hope all is well!

The Skippperrrr

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Devoe, we just bought a container of the same ice cream that you ate. My mom didn't even know that it was the one that you ate when she bought it! Isn't that funny? Miss you much. See you at the end of the summer! ~Jordan

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