A day off

on 13 June 2009

Today Mr Filzen and Mr Wiech came down to southern PA to "rescue" us
from the trail. They also brought amazing support from Groton
teachers, administrators, and students. This school and community
truly is amazing. Thank you everyone. Today we toured Gettysburg with
the best tour guide I could think of; Groton's very own, Mr Filzen
with his enthusiastic and intense delivery. The students are lucky to
have such a great history department. Mr Wiech also answered my
Appalachian Mountain geology questions. I think the science department
is pretty solid as well = ) It was a great day of relaxation and
learning. The history aspect of this trip has been most personally
rewarding to me. It is definitely something that needs to be
experienced. Tomorrow we'll say our goodbyes and they'll drop us off
to start our 18 mile day to the official 1/2 way point on the AT. I'm
looking forward to coming home but also look forward to each day of
hiking in the amazing country.


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed your day off! It was well earned! Can't wait to see you back home!

Mr. DeVoe's parents said...

Thank-you Mr. Filzen and Mr. Wiech for "rescuing" the weary hikers (hopefully they're not too weary). Sounds like it was a great break and most needed! We are hoping to meet up in a couple of weeks. Let us know what we can bring.....

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