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on 22 June 2009

This is a pretty crazy area. We are outside of Palmerton, PA which was home to a century of zinc mining and smelting. This practice severly affected the area as emmisions created very acidic soils and removed a lot of the mountain vegetation. The federal governent shut down the zinc furnaces in 1980 and put it on the Superfund cleanup list in 1982. The area is slowly coming back to life thanks to the application of Ecoloam -a mixture of municipal waste sludge, fly ash, lime, fertilizer, and seeds. Pines, tall grasses, and blueberries have taken hold as the wounds heal. There are still plenty of sandstone and quartzite boulders as well. 

Before you begin cursing the zinc industry though we should consider all of the products that contain zinc. It's just a shame it was processed so irresponsibly.  

This is My Current GPS Position:
Latitude: 40.782377
Longitude: -75.618253
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