Hello NY

on 27 June 2009

Today we hit the 9th state, my homestate of New York. I haven't been
here in nearly 3 months so it was nice. Mr Barry, my former host
teacher from Homer, sent me a compact fishing pole that I used for the
first time today. All I caught was a small Northern Pike which was too
small to cook up.


Ms. B. said...

But, didn't it feel good to be doing something other than walking....and that something about as close to doing nothing as doing something can be?

Sharon said...

Hey guys,
NPR did spot on A.Trail. They interviewed COUSCOUS, DOODER, PUSHER, WHEELER and others. Have you met these folks? Great pic on blog, Courtney. Have fun! Chad, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

i am sorry that it was to small.ihope you and scoob are haveijng fun. i hope you injoy the boy scots.have a good hick.


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