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on 09 June 2009

What a cool town. OK Groton, who can tell me the historical significance of Harpers Ferry?

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Anonymous said...

MR DEVOW, What is the Spookiest thing you Have seen so Far?

Anonymous said...

It was strategic supply depot during the Civil War for the Union Army (for a while). The Union leadership made Stonewall Jackson (a southern general) look like a genius by not defending the garrison properly so the south said "thank you very much, we'll take that" and they did.

J Allen

jfilzen said...

I was going to reply, but J.Allen, who I believe to be an extremely knowledgeable historian, beat me to it! other note about Harper's Ferry...It was where the fanatical abolitionist John Brown failed in his attempt to seize guns from the local rifle manufacturing plant(an arsenal) and an armory. He planned to arm the local slaves for a revolt against their masters. The plan failed and Brown was executed for treason.
J. Filzen

loren said...

you know that if you shave you take a lot of weight off and i think it would help

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Jake, We watched the movie at the MOST. It was like you were there, it was really cool. I have a race saturday, it's going to be hot. It's a really big race can't wait. Hope your feet are better.

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