on 09 July 2009

Back home in Ithaca, many of the American Beech trees are infected
with an invasive fungus that came over from another part of the world.
It is here in Mass. also. I hiked over a couple hills that looked like
Beech graveyards. Branches were everwhere and all of the trees were
slowly dying. Our sick forests have probably had the biggest impact on
me throughout this trip - whether it's the Beech fungus, gypsy moth
larvae, Hemlock wooly adelgid, American Chestnut, etc. - our forests
are dying. Why is it that the death of an overrated pop star can
dominate the media for over a week but the death of millions of acres
of forests barely get a headline? One way you can help stop the
spread is to buy firewood near where you're camping instead of
transporting it over long distances. Better yet, go to college to
figure out a solution.


Ms. B. said...

Wow! I am so with you. I've actually come to have some sympathy for the guy, but you know what? Whatever happens to you when you're young, the neat thing is you get to grow up and get over it. Counseling is a great thing.
Jackson had millions and yet he just couldn't do it. Think what his money could have done for researching and saving the forests and yet he spent it on his very own "Neverland." How selfish!

(Note: I haven't developed very much sympathy, really, have I?)

Julie said...

Unfortunately, I think humans (Americans) have a hard time caring for or loving things they cannot see. Hopefully your blogs will help.

jfilzen said...

Chad, we have discussed so many times when we talk politics and life...It's not about Michael Jackson-It's about $$$$$$$$$$. Right now, his death is making millions for the media, the record label, merchandising, etc. I can't stand it, but the masses continue to BUY into it!!!
The real riddle in life for our young people to figure out is how to make truth and learning profitable. Then we will see our trees saved, our poor better educated, and our leaders resolve problems with ideas instead of violence.
Keep on truckin'. You are in Connie and my thoughts daily, and I leave you with some well known words from Jerry Garcia and the boys...."What a long, strange trip its been..."

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