New Hampshire

on 16 July 2009

Yesterday my cousin Jon met us on the trail for a couple days. Last
night Kevin, Jon, Mr Giroux, Lucy and myself marched through Hanover,
NH and turned a couple heads as we hiked along the streets and
eventually retreated back into the woods to find a camp spot. Hanover
is a cool little town (home of Dartmouth College). We should be
entering the White Mountains in a day or two.


Mr. DeVoe's parents said...

Hey Jon,

Good to see you were able to join Chad, Kevin and Lucy on the trail! Hopefully you can convince Chad to get a haircut like yours when he is done! (ha) Enjoy the walk and time together.

Miss Coffey said...

Jon- You're wearing the wrong shirt for the AT ("BIKE"). Good luck!!!

ryan said...

Are you wearing a kilt?

Anonymous said...

i think they were just jealous of your totally awesomerific beard and mustache combo. either that or you look like a hobo with a backpack :3
But a totally cool hobo!
Have fun in the mountains! Yodel yodel!
Your almost done!!!!! moohaha....ha!


Anonymous said...

once you get home, how long do you think you will be stinky for?

Anonymous said...

I bet you hit 15000 viewers by the time you are done

you should have todated a penny per viewer during your voyage.

Ms. B. said...

I see the picture and I think, "Wow, Mr. Giroux looks a bit different," and then I read it's your cousin....but does he have a white streak like Mr. Giroux or am I going batty from fun this weekend?

So you're a little too wild for civilization? And, at a college town? Whew! You guys must be real mountain men!!

Anonymous said...

yo mr devoe no offense but SHAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i was in school right now i would but im not so sorry but any way keep hikeing and stay heathy and dont give up peace!

From jake howell

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Devoe, I stumbled upon this link while searching for a job as an elementary teacher position. My 10 year old son and I have completed 100 of the Finger Lakes Trails 568 miles and we love it. It was very enjoyable to read about your journey. I would love to contact you in the future for a few tips about planning longer journeys. so far we have maxed out at 4 days and 3 nights at a pop. By the way, you have got to try out Hennesseys Hammock tents-they are to die for! lol

Larry Silba

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