on 04 July 2009

Yesterday my parents met us in CT for a meal, new shoes, and a motel.
It was nice seeing them after over 3 months. Courtney and Koda have
also been hiking with us for the past week and they took her back to
her car in NY on their way home. Thanks again guys!


Mom and Dad said...

We are all watching Kevin take care of his, we are looking at Lucy. haha

P.S Have a safe trip!!! Talk to you later.

Mom and Dad

Mr. DeVoe's parents said...

It was great coming to see you all! Chad, we are glad we were able to be a part of your journey. Courtney, thanks for helping Chad so much, both on and off the trail, and enabling him to accomplish this goal of completing the AT. And Kevin, what a great guy and a sweet dog! Lucy is a seasoned hiker - just love the way she waits for you to put on her backpack. We are so very proud of you all - what an accomplishment! Thank-you Groton School District for your support, and letting this experience happen, and to all the students for sending care packages. We know Mr. DeVoe will have much to give back to the students and school district in return for all the support.

Miss Coffey said...

Chad- It was great meeting up with you and Kevin again. You both amaze and inspire me with your optimistic attitude and ability to get up every day and hike all day long for 4.5 months in any condition: rain, hunger, bugs, poison ivy, humidity, etc. I can't wait to meet you at the end!

Gary and Sandy- Thanks SO much for meeting us! It was a HUGE help to get a ride back to my car... I don't know what I would have done otherwise! It was nice to see you both again too!

Ryan said...

Kevin 1500 miles... still looking a little pudgy!

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