Mail Drop

on 03 July 2009

Yesterday we got a mail drop in Kent, CT from Groton Elementary and
Mrs Coffey. Thanks guys! The elementary school also sent along a
sweet shirt. With our awesome recycling and composting programs, these
shirts are an awesome fit.


Ms. B. said...

We have rain, rain, rain here with bits of blue sky and sun....are you faring better? Chuck mentioned that today and I went ohhhhhhhhh, when I thought of you guys walking, sleeping, eating and living in the rain.
Here's hoping you're only in "blue skies, nothing but blue skies from now on..." (heard in Willie Nelson's voice and not mine!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. DeVoe we have been out of school for some time, it has been realy bad i thoght it would be fun but it isn't i had so much fun this year with Mr. D he was probably my favorit teacher ever. Well see ya later like in the beging of the school year because im moving into 6th grade. Bye, g2g, see ya later, tata 4 now. Sinceraly Alyssa

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