on 22 July 2009

I'm writing this from the place with the worst weather in the world,
Mt Washington. This is the highest point in the Northeast and holds
the land speed wind record of some 280 miles per hour. This picture is
of the trail leading to the top. The vegetation, mostly shrubs,
grasses, and lichens, are only found on a few mountaintops in the
lower 48 and hundreds of miles north in the arctic tundra. The
weather today is cloudy, windy, and in the lower 50s. The average
summer high is 51 and and average winter high is 15.


Anonymous said...

Anyone skiing at Tuckerman's ravine?

Anonymous said...

Did you get a package today?

Anonymous said...

I had a dream that I put my two weeks notice in this friday.... it is tomorrow.... I wonder if it going to happen.

Anonymous said...

how many benchmarks have you hit?

Anonymous said...

W-O-W.....windy! Hope you don't get blown away!

Ms. B. said...

Okay. That is definitely not a place for my retirement list! Maybe I'll visit but no staying- not my weather.

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