on 20 July 2009

Here is the view from yesterday's first peak of the Whites. This was
probably the best view of the whole AT so far. These mountains are
though but very rewarding. They remind me a lot of the Adirondacks.


Anonymous said...

you should make one of those signs in your yard.
to all of your favorite places.

Julie said...

Incredible!!!! Beautiful, amazing. What a reward for a tough climb!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chad!
I was wondering if you guys think you're going to have a difficult time adapting to "regular" life when you are done? There must be some sort of acclimation period or re-entry program you can follow. We are all very proud to have you representing Groton while completing this very personal and impressive expedition! Angela S.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey mr devoe i cant believe you finished three questions 1 was there atleast one point where you just wanted to give up ? 2 did you ever sit down and think whats gonna happen to me or am i gonna make it through and still beable to live a life ? 3 did you make it in the guiness book of world records ? its just so amazing congratulations

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