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on 13 July 2009

Mr Giroux joined up with us for a couple days. Today is day 100 on the trail and we also passed the 500 miles to go line. Right now we're standing on top of Mt Killington, VTs 2nd highest peak and popular ski destination. It's incredibly windy but we have awesome views of the Adirondacks and White mountains. 

This is My Current GPS Position:
Latitude: 43.604822
Longitude: -72.820151
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Miss Coffey said...

1,690.4 miles in 100 days! Congrats! (That's an average of almost 17 miles a day... far more than other hikers do every day!)

Anonymous said...

YAY only 500 more miles of tree bush tree tree bush log tree log bush tree log log tree bush bush tree and maybe a road! But really im very exited and happy for you. The cookies probably helped a little.

<(^_^<) <(^_^)> (>^_^)> DANCEY DANCEY!

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