on 28 July 2009

This past weekend Lucy ended her AT journey. She's had a great run
but she isn't allowed in Baxter State Park at the end. Plus we have to
ford some rivers and she hates water. If you want to say hi to this
celebrity and check out her impressive hind leg muscles she will be in
the Ithaca area for the next couple weeks.


Ms. B. said...

She looks absolutely beat! I wouldn't kiss you and that beard, but I'd kiss her nose in a second!
Keep on truckin'; the end is in sight!

Anonymous said...

aww poor lucky:( good luck on the last couple of days on the ATT :)

Julie said...

Congratulations Lucy!!!!

Mr. DeVoe's parents said...

Lucy is such a trooper!! She will probably sleep until you guys return.

Anonymous said...

I have a dog named lucy love adam

Anonymous said...

Were you able to take Lucy in the Smokey Mountains?

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