on 08 July 2009

Today we stopped at "the cookie lady's" house outside of Beckett, MA.
For years she has been providing fresh cookies to hikers and
blueberries when they're in season. This is just one of many aspects
of the trip that make hiking the AT a truly unique experience.


Miss Coffey said...

I JUST watched this part on the movie!!! Did you get cookies? Blueberries? Did you tell her we know her friend? (Ned's girlfriend's dad?!)

Miss Coffey said...

Latest calculations: if you get to Dalton tonight, you'll be 619.5 miles away from Katahdin. There are 38 days to hike to be done on August 15th. Therefore, you'll have to average 16.3 miles per day. Keep up the great work! I just watched the video and the peeks get taller, steeper, and tougher later. Vermont starts to get tough, and it's only prep for the end of your journey.

Ms. B. said...

Chuck told me last night that he lived right down the road from her when he was growing up. Isn't it amazing who small the world really is?

Your legs are going to be bionic by the end of this trip. Will you be planning to walk to work from now on?

Anonymous said...

cookie monster!

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