on 07 May 2009

Walking through a Rhododendron forest on a misty day listening to
Sigur ros is truly surreal. Today we got an early start at 7am because
we are doing 19 miles today to double springs shelter. Another 18
miles tomorrow will bring us into Damascus, VA tomorrow evening.


Miss Coffey said...

awesome : )
can't wait to join you!

Ms. B. said...

Another beautiful picture--will you be doing a book about your trip? You sure have the pictures for it!

M & D said...

We would like the first signed copy of your book! :.)

Anonymous said...

soueds cool

Anonymous said...

Hey mr.devoe hows the hike going so far?Have you seen any more big snakes latly?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. DeVoe, I am so amazed at all the beautiful scenery around you! When I went to Virginia, I stayed at the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and oh my gosh, they are breath taking!!!! I absloutely loved Virginia, I really want to go back down sometime soon!!

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