Night Hike

on 09 May 2009

Hi Everyone,

Thursday night around 7:30 pm, after 18 miles, we got to a shelter just in time to dodge a passing thunderstorm. We were both still pretty energized afterward and decided to keep moving. Just before sunset the sky began to clear up. I'm trying to search my stunted vocabulary for an adjective to describe next 30 minutes; some of the most memorable minutes of my life. It was about 2 parts ethereal and 1 part outlandish, with a pinch of haunting. We began walking along a ridgetop watching the sun set and the lights begin to turn on in the small city below. We hiked as the sky turned darker and witnessed the woodland creatures competing in crepuscular chorus. We hiked through a hemlock forest in the haze that felt like some sort of scene from Lord of the Rings, full of dampness and mystery. Within minutes, the full moon came out from under a few clouds. We extinguished our headlamps to see the moonlight melt over the canopy of the May Apple monoculture like white wax.

At 3am we could hike no more, so we pitched the tent and got a few hours of sleep before descending into Damascus, VA the next morning. We had hiked 32 miles in one day.


Ms. B. said...


I wish I had been there, but thanks for putting us all with you,

chelsea said...

hey Mr. Devoe whats up how has the trail been? we all miss you and your teaching:[ all my friends from alot of different towns and cities have heard about you and think that it is cool that you are doing this it gives me the motivation to strive to accomplish the goals i've set for myself keep up the good work and i'll keep up mine Chelsea first period class

Anonymous said...

I think you described it quite well! Wow, sounds simply amazing... are you gonna write a book about your adventures?


jfilzen said...

Chad, Your vocabulary is becoming poetic on the trail! ...keep it up. JF

Anonymous said...

Hi from Mrs. Nettleton's class. We have a new name for you, Mr. DeVoe, the Science Guy!

We are wondering if your blisters are acting up again after walking 32 miles in one day! We see that it is 28 miles from Groton to Tully and we can't imagine walking even that far in one day/night!

We did hear that there is an eleven year old hiking from Florida to Washington DC. If you want to learn more about his 1,200 mile trip check out

Anonymous said...

Chris from Mrs. Brown's class wanted to warn you that he heard on the radio there was a tornado in West Virginia. So, we want you to be careful in case they are going to be tornadoes in Virginia too.

Be safe,
Mrs. Brown's class

Julie said...

Wow, you're quite the poet. Sounds amazing. Mr. Wiech and I sent you a small b-day package due at Sugar Grove.

Anonymous said...

kids at groton elm. wonder how you are doing? do you lick the dry food we gave you? i gave you frit your doing good keep on hikeing!mr.devoe

kaylee from elm. school

Anonymous said...

that must of been very creepy? i hate waling in the night.

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