Care Packages

on 06 May 2009

After stumbling out of the woods from 5 miserable days we came upon a
great surprise. We were expecting a package from Groton Elementary.
Thank you guys so much! I must add that you made excellent choices;
lots of stuff high in calories and protein - everything a hiker needs.
Also, special thanks to Mrs Rilley for the awesome dinners and Mr.
D'Antonio for working out the logistics.

We also received a nice box of snacks from Mrs Hunter and high school
student council. Thank you so much! You read our minds. The biggest
surprise, however, was a box of chocolates from Mr Filzen's friend who
runs a very classy candy store called The Alps in the Hudson Valley.
Thanks Terry. We appreciate the effort you put in to send those.
Thanks everyone, things like this make me feel connected to Groton and
New York.


Anonymous said...

I read that you are mad and upset because of the rain and other stuff. Try thinking happy thoughts,maybe it'll help you.

Ms. B. said...

My husband has told the story of going to a lacrosse game with Mr.Filzen this spring.

First, Mr. Filzen gets to know a young man sitting near them and then works to catch a flying, free give it to the youngster.

Then, when leaving the game, Mr. Filzen ran into a college student who he knew and gave her some spending money-- because anyone who has gone through college knows just how broke they can be at the end of the semester.

When I heard about the candy package, that's what I thought about, my husband telling people what a great guy Mr. Filzen is. I'm thinking you couldn't agree more right now!

Enjoy all the packages, with the chocolate as dessert--and we all know the saying, "Life is short; eat dessert first"!

Anonymous said...

I think the doggy is cute

Anonymous said...

WOW you do have alot of food.

kaitlynn o

Anonymous said...

How is the food we sent you.Did the dog eat eny of the food?We hope you are doing good.How is the Lucy doing.

Anonymous said...

your well come! I hope you injoy!


Anonymous said...

hi . are you and lucy and skoob haveing fun?

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