Mail Drop!

on 01 May 2009

I'm riding in a shuttle back from town and I just picked up a surprise
mail drop from Mr Filzen's 7th graders. Thanks guys. I miss you all!


Ms. B. said...

Mr. Devoe, I just listened to your pod cast on the two graves. We soooooooooooooooo need people today to stand up for what is right, even when it's tough.
We're having spring fever and a bit of "It's not my fault" fever here in the middle school--for every five kids who might think of misbehaving, it only takes one strong kid to say, "Hey, cut it out."
Students listen to students better than to adults.
Thanks for sharing the story!

Anonymous said...

Mr. DeVoe,

What is the one belonging that you miss the most?

Anonymous said...

Mr DeVoe,

Who is the person you miss the most?

Anonymous said...

Mr DeVoe,

What has been the most intersting part of your 1 month on the trail?

nicole8 said...

You are welcome Mr. DeVoe. How is your hike going? Science is ok but it is not the same without you:( I misss you sooo much...

~Nicole H. 7th grae

Anonymous said...

a shuttle? so 21st century. stop selling out and huff it

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