on 29 May 2009

Yesterday we walked through a small section of old-growth forest. This
means that it has never been logged for wood products. Around 99% of
US forests have been logged at some point so these areas are rare.
Next to Kevin is one of the largest American Beech trees I've ever
seen. It probably had a diameter around 5 feet. Can anyone find a
list of tree records in NYS? There is a Cottonwood tree in downtown
Moravia that is huge! I wonder how close that is to the record?


Anonymous said...

dear mr.Devoe
I was raeding a book called wacky trees and the tree that you are talking about was in there!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Devoe I am great and it is fun I miss you and my best friend her name is zoe she like mayapples
love your friend

Anonymous said...

HHHHHIIIIIII!!!!!!!How are you doing.We went to the M.O.S.T!!!!!!!!!!!

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