My GPS Position

on 10 May 2009

This is My Current GPS Position:
Latitude: 36.632731
Longitude: -81.624577
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Anonymous said...

Happy bday !!!! how old are you going to be?how is the trail going? you the best teacher ever i want you for7th grade!!!!

Anonymous said...

you reall yneed to write a book when you are done. I hope you are documenting this trip well.

Miss Coffey said...

Hey Chad,
Not sure if you'll get this before Wednesday, but I just got an idea for your birthday: you should try to hike 28 miles on your 28th!

Anonymous said...

Yo Mr.Devoe,its Kailea 4rum Mr.D's room!!!Dude those salamanders r WIKIDLY AWESOME!!!I have caught many salamanders in my life but
I have never seen one that GINOURMOUS!In Groton the salamanders r bout 3 centemeters long thats dinky compared 2 those HUGE ones!The ones in Groton are like black.I did the announcements today on those salamanders and poneys LOLOLOLOLOLOL G2G BIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Devoe r u tired from all of the hiking that youve done?
i know that i would be if i had 2 hike 4 a long time theres know way that id be wanted 2 do something like that.u keep up the good work.i wish that u would come back soon.We all miss u back at groton school!

Anonymous said...

hey Mr.Devoe,its Paige from Mrs.Ploss class that
sunset looks awsome.ive seen alot of sunsets in my area but none like that its awsome.happy delated sorry that i 4got 2 say that last time i posted something.keep up the good work from all of the kids at the groton elemantary school.we all miss u.

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