on 18 May 2009

Hi Groton Elementary! I'm sorry it's been awhile since I've posted
but I have been so busy. Ever since we got so close to that controlled
forest fire I've wanted to learn more about them so I've been spending
time in the libraries in the towns we pass through. I bet Ms Prentiss
has some good books on the subject too. I've also been reading a very
funny book called No Talking by Andrew Clements. It's about a contest
between boys and girls to see how long they can go without talking to
one another. I've been reading that during rainy days when I hide deep
in Lucy's pack.

Virginia has been beautiful though. This is me taking a rest on the
bridge while everyone else was busy looking at the map. Streams like
this make me wish I had my fishing pole. Did you hear about the wild
ponies? They were great. They came right up close to us...a little
too close to Lucy. She didn't like them and tried biting one that got
really close. Well I hope everyone is well. If you've been reading a
good book please pass along the title and author so I can check it out.

Your friend,



Anonymous said...

hey Skoob, i have a sugestion of a book for you it's called Baby Mouse Quen Of The World by Jennifer L.Holm and Matthew Holm . it's a little girly but you look like you can handle it

Anonymous said...

Hey Skoob have you ever read Diary Of A Wimpy Kid?Its a good/funny book its always around
155 pages but you can handle it...Hopfuly...

Anonymous said...

Dear Skoob,

We really miss you alot so have you did enything is it really fun for you have you been reading alot we have been reading you love reading did you like the wild horses i liked them alot they were so cool

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dear mr.devoe,were are you on the appalachian


Anonymous said...

hi skoob . are you haveing fun with mr devo and lucy i would have fun with lucy too.


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