on 31 May 2009

We've been inching our way North and are now about 14 miles from
Waynesboro, VA. This town lies at Rockfish Gap. A break in the
mountains that was important for transportation years ago before cars
and highways. Later today we will also be starting the southern end
of Shenandoah National Park.

Everything is going well though and we are still having fun. We are
now about 150 miles from the next state line and we're looking forward
to it because we're sort of growing tired of Virginia and looking
forward to seeing progress.


Ms. B. said...

You guys are amazing!

Ms. B. said...

just listened to the Vodcast. Good luck on the 4 state challenge. Wow!! 43 miles. You will be one tired puppy, but I'm betting you do it.

Anonymous said...

sing coombyyah

Anonymous said...

i feel bad for the pup. as well as you guys. how many more states to go?

Anonymous said...

that is an awfully big fire!

Kat said...

Sick of Virginia? You Yankee!

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