Trail Magic

on 26 May 2009

We have a teacher at Groton named Mr Gambitta who has been teaching
for about 45 years. He always makes a point in being a part of all of
the positive activities at school whether it be the musical, sporting
events, prom, etc. When he heard about this trip he wrote to CutCo
Knife Company to ask if they'd be willing to donate a knife for the
trip. They did, along with a custom engraving. I've used it quite a
bit but most recently was for some trail magic we received yesterday.
We stumbled upon a bag hanging from a tree with a whole pineapple and
drinks. Thanks Mr Gambitta and CutCo.


Ms. B. said...

I love the idea of the trail magic. What a great way to make someone's day. Mr. Gambitta sure knows how to do that too!
You're looking pretty lean. I bet there's not an ounce of fat on you at this point. (Wish I could say the same!)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gambitta is the man! Thats pretty awsome to find a pineapple in such a random place. Hope things are good man. We are sending out another package on Thursday, going to send it to the June 3 place. Good luck


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. DeVoe- this is Mrs. Gamel's 2nd grade class. Have you seen any more bears and snakes? We also want to know if you caught any more fish. Go Mr. DeVoe- you can do it! May more trail magic come your way!

Anonymous said...

As I look outside, it looks like you have some weather coming your way. It is supposed to be like this for the next few days. I hope to see you in a few days.

Ned R.

Anonymous said...

Hay Mr.DeVoe hows the trail so far?
Me and my family seen a HUGE snake in our backyard yestarday.
We think it mite of been just a gardenar snake.
But it was pritty big!
Keep safe and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-]

nicole8 said...

Mr. DeVoe,

Mr. Gambitta is a nice man. Science is okay but its still not the same without you :(. I'm glad to see that you are doing well and haveing fun on your hike. We all miss you and wish you were back here in Groton :(. I hope you stay safe and dont get attacked by hillbilles :) lol. Oh yeaa you got to tell Mr. Rafferty when you get to the ice cream eating part. We really hope we can do it with you. I wish you luck and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Nicole... 8th period science.

Anonymous said...

Hi its me Andrew Ferris from Mr.D' Class. It is cool that cutco piched in and sent a knife.Well on Friday it is my Birthday.And have you found any interesting plant life and animals?

Anonymous said...

YAY for random pineapples! Hope you are having fun! We miss u a lot and wish you were back in Groton. Hope you dont get attacked/mugged by some hillbillie!


Anonymous said...

wow that is a big rock above your head.

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