on 26 August 2009

The Syracuse Post-Standard and Motion-X cover the Groton Appalachian Trail Project.

The Groton Appalachian Trail Project raised over $400 for Groton High School's environmental science club, "Generation - Z" and $163 for the Nature Conservancy. Thanks to everyone that donated.


Anonymous said...

you will get some sponsors out of this for your next voyage. You should sail around the world. or up through the great lakes.

Anonymous said...

yes i khow you could do it

Anonymous said...

yo that is off the hook doooggggg


Miss Coffey said...

I haven't looked at this in a month and a half but I glanced through it today and it makes me appreciate you so much! It reminded me that you are such an extraordinary person to put yourself through this and bring us all along, and to remember that you once looked like that and were off in a faraway place away for 4 months. I/we are so glad you're back in our lives, really right in front of us, in a way in which we can have a face to face conversation with you again.

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